Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode 004
Ep 004
Episode Info
Season Season 1
No. 004
Kanji 一筋の希望!!ブロックスパイダー
Rōmaji Hitosuji no Kibō!! Burokku Supaidā
Air date April 27, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Believe x Believe
Ending One Step
Animation Director
Previous Dark Town - The Stolen Pendulum Summon!!
Next Aspiring Apprentice!? A Strange Fanboy, "Sora Shiun'in"
"A ray of Hope!! Block Spider", is the fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It's was debuted on April 27, 2014.

Trying to rescue Yuzu and the others, Yuya Sakaki duels with Shingo Sawatari. Amazed to see your monsters Magician of Astromancy and Magician of Chronomancy, being used against him. With your father words in your mind, Yuya strikes back.